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Make Money
Make money online or earn revenue online through an internet program such as affiliate marketing.
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Make Money PayPer Post (PPP)
Business world in trend internet marketing really good choice for the advertiser to market their product to the costumer. Leading to the high affiliate marketing system, many of website has provided for the publisher to join the programs get Pay Per Post to the content of their website or blog.

Especially for the blogger, many of them trying to get more income or extra money by creating as much as blog and post stuff which target to the affiliate programs. Whether it is direct selling some product or referral business advertisement. But now they can earn more revenue from their website or blog by join the PayPerPost programs from many of online advertising business.

Buyblogreviews is new service for the publisher to earn money by easy system. The puplisher they will get paid from their post content, They can choose a bid of advertisement oppotunities that are related to their articles which has been provieded by Buyblogreviews company.

Sponsored Review is one of internet marketing system (PayPerPost program) that allow the blogger to earn money by write an article for the advertiser, review of the advertiser product and they will get paid per post if the advertiser mark them as good content. Simply the blogger can state the words "Sponsored Review" or integrate it (product) into the content.

Other company which also provieded the blogger with system get paid to their post content is PayPerPost company. The blogger when they are ready with their blog and post articles, Simply they can submit their blog to the PayPerpost website. The PayPerPost company will review your blog and post content, if it is meets requirement related to the advertiser who join with them and became sponsored then the blogger will get paid from them. Bloggers with high amounts of traffic can expect to earn a significant amount of money for each post they create on behalf of an advertiser.

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posted by Ocha @ 2:56 AM  
  • At January 10, 2008, Blogger April Kerr said…

    Have you tried BuyBlogReviews? I'm looking for good alternatives to PPP seeing as google is removing PR from those registered with them.

  • At January 10, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If you are looking for companies like PPC, you should check us out at LinkWorth. We have a product called linkpost that always works well for bloggers like yourself. Let me know if you have any questions.
    Scarlett T.
    LinkWorth Staff

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